Ewa Śliwińska (PL)
Jewelry defined by the build and movement of the human body
M.A. project
University of Arts in Poznań
Prof. Włodzimierz Dreszer
There are images that immediately attract the eye and stick in the memory. This jewelry creates such an experience. It calls attention and evokes admiration. This is a reason to wear it on your body. Jewelry has been worn for centuries to communicate prestige, self‑assurance, and social status. The designer is not interested in this tradition, however. Her collection draws the eye, calling attention with its grace and elegance. This is achieved by shaping a delicate structure of steel cylinders on bendable wires, joined by a polyethelene weave. This construction creates interesting interaction between the movement of the body and the object. Movement is most important in this design – it is not only an inspiration, but also a designed effect. The jewelry vibrates with the body – it reacts delicately to calm movements, but becomes more expressive when the gestures are forceful.