Joanna Żaboklicka (PL)
Trainer – a multifunctional table for home rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Grzegorz Niwiński
Rehabilitation based on regular physical exercise is indispensable therapy for children with cerebral palsy. There is a great deal of equipment on the market to support this process. The problem is that these pieces are designed for halls in rehabilitation centers, and not for small apartments. The present designer has created a table for exercising the upper body. When flipped over, it turns into a track with adjustable handles for walking exercises. After the tabletop is removed, the construction can be set upright, and the object becomes a ladder to aid the exercises. The simple construction helps makes it universal – the table can serve equally well for daily activities and quickly turn into equipment for a relatively wide rehabilitation program. It is space efficient when folded. The value of this solution is in the form, which reminds us of furniture, and not a torture instrument, an association which is the most frequent shortcoming of rehabilitation equipment.