Lenka Marková (CZ)
My label
M.A. project
Ladislav Sutnar University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Helena Krbcová
As one might surmise from the title of this project, this collection of women’s shoes was created to be produced and sold by the designer herself, who will begin running her own label. The minimalist design and minimized technical solutions are a response to observing current trend developments, given that speed and simplicity have become a sign of our racing times. The unusual construction, made using a zipper, is supplemented with an experimental outsole. The outsole is a unique application of a rubber material used to strengthen the natural material – leather. The set includes models with wooden high heels, semi‑heels, and flats, and two kinds with leather­‑covered heels. Apart from the solid brown items, the collection includes two‑tone (black/brown) color schemes. Though the collection is given a consistency by the materials and technology used, the diversity comes from the height and shape of the heels – from high, extravagant ones for dressing up, to flat everyday ones. This expands the group of potential buyers, which was surely the designer’s intention.