Monika Kocot (PL)
Bird house
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Mariusz Włodarczyk
Many gardens are spruced up with copies of ancient statues, columns, or various Disneyland figures. On the other hand, we can find chintzy, though functional solutions made of car tires, packaging, or plastic bottles, which look terrible, particularly in the winter. This ceramic design for a bird house borrows from both ways of thinking of a garden space. To counter the unaesthetic tendencies, the designer has proposed an attractive, contemporary product, whose surface does not degrade as it ages. On the other hand, the piece is not just another garden decoration. The designer has thought through the function and environmental aspect of the product. The materials are also user‑friendly. The ceramic body, the removable wooden roof and convenient assembly let you easily take apart and clean the bird house. The product considers the behavior and habits of birds, which gives it added value.