Boglárka Nádi (HU)
Valérie type system
M.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
Juhász Márton
The rose, carnation, lily, tulip – Hungarian folk tradition is full of floral motifs. Folk ornaments presently decorate clothing and sheets, furniture, building facades, and kitchen interiors. There is growing interest in the reinterpretation of the cultural heritage of the countryside. Boglárka Nadi has already shown interest in folk culture, which was the subject of her BA graduation project, where she created interpretations of folk tales (the design was selected in our review two years ago). In her MA work she has proposed a more abstract approach. She has designed a typeface, along with decorative elements. Apart from the patterns with plants and birds, the design includes a set of non-proportional all caps letters whose format fits a square tile. In the assortment of the decorative letters the lines drawing the symbols join one another in the corners, creating a whole. The patterns and letters can be freely arranged and colored. The examples look very contemporary, while evoking the world they come from (dusters, wallpaper, memorabilia). The designer has named her system Valérie, after her grandmother, giving the design a personal touch.