Nikoleta Čeligová (SK)
SHE pregnancy and ovulation test with features for visually-impaired women
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Ferdinand Chrenka
A proposition for a problem that has remained unnoticed: the lack of tests for visually‑impaired women to use independently. SHE is a device to help recognize the phases of the monthly cycle, menstruation, ovulation, and pregnancy. This private aid has an ergonomic shape to facilitate application, it is handy, functional, and discreet. We ought to point out one other aspect of the piece. Design for the handicapped is a challenge that is increasingly tackled by young designers, who see both the scale of the problems and the social significance of their solutions. Most often, however, disability is identified with difficulties in mobility. It is much more seldom that designers help eliminate difficulties in private affairs, as though the handicapped were sexless… It is for this reason, too, that the present work deserves mention.