Pavel Coufalík (CZ)
Zlín artbook
M.A. project
Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín
Rostislav Illík
As soon as we saw the first ten illustrations, no one in the jury had any doubts – this was a book about Zlín. The designer managed to select motifs and find a form that fully corresponded to interwar modernism and the concept of the ideal, prefabricated, modern city of Tomáš Baťa. Pavel Coufalík preceded the design with research into archival materials in the city collections. The prototype of the book, which is a personal interpretation, is made using various techniques and materials (e.g. lenticular printing is used on the cover, and transparent plastic is found inside). Historical photographs, archival advertisements, ­Coufalík’s illustrations, and diagrams are found within. Several spreads feature three-dimensional components that appear when the page is turned. We find, for example, the famous “21” skyscraper of 1938, a model of female shoe produced by Baťa, and the Junkers F.13 plane in which Tomáš Baťa perished in 1932. Coufalík’s book has already received a number of awards at student shows, including the competition for the Most Beautiful Czech Book of 2013.