Sarolt Ágnes Erdélyi (HU)
A book of Szabina Ughy’s poetry
B.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
Barka Ferenc
Holding a book in your hands is the most exclusive sort of solitude, a famous Hungarian book designer claimed many years ago. This is easy to recall when one sees the poetry of Szabina Ughy as rendered by Sarolt Ágnes Erdélyi. The designer has created a space full of tension – an abstract world inhabited by elements we know, but combined in a peculiar fashion. Floating figures, objects made of marble or gold. At the start we are lost, because the poems are not directly tied to the images, and the images do not illustrate the text. There are, however, certain links. The author of the book and the illustrator are joined by the same sense of isolation. The compositions prompt us to ask questions and raise doubts. Amid all the designs that were chosen, this may be the one that sparked the most extreme responses among the jurors – from delight to utter rejection of the style.