Volha Safronava (CZ)
La comida dish set
B.A. project
Ladislav University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Gabriel Vach
This basic set of five receptacles, a bowl and plates, the core of a full pattern, was inspired by Spanish culture, and was created after studying a menu of dishes served at the Amorvino restaurant. The size and capacity of the receptacles is universal enough for them to be used in other culinary traditions as well. Modern mass production avoids the reliefs characteristic of the 1990s in favor of easy-to-apply decorative print. This is why this design detail pleases us – it is décor, the opponents of ornament will say, but is it gratuitous? With digital methods of preparing for production, the set can be mass produced. These technologies have made it a good period for “new crafts,” which might appeal to customers seeking something fresh and individualized. Recognizing a need arising from an awareness of what and how we eat, the designer has made a work that is a good fit for new trends, using the imperfections of technology to accentuate the irregularities of the edges of the dishes. In such a design, if production flaws do arise, they will be an intended effect, making the product a unique object from Alhambra.