Grzegorz Samson (PL)
Music Textbook Design for Grade Four Elementary School
B.A. project
Polish‑Japanese Academy of Information Technology
Patrycja Podkościelny
Textbook design is a recurring theme in our review. Most of the works submitted achieve a standard much higher than the books available on the market. In this case, however, we were taken by the idea of creating a music textbook that simultaneously provides a visual education. The relationships of the graphic components are based on rhythm (e.g. the use of syllable breaks in the titles and subtitles). The textbook user is assisted by six information pictograms (definitions, listening, important, extra information, watching, exercises) and pictograms with instruments that vary depending on their size. The textbook has a spare, “rhythmic” layout, and is printed in three colors. The modernist layout is contrasted with the more dynamic illustrations for selected pieces of music. The book does not include a CD, but a QR code provides access to audiovisual materials online. The jury gave a lengthy analysis to the potential cost of producing the textbook. There were some doubts if the expensive binding (Coptic stitch) would not be excessive.