Katarzyna Breczko (PL)
Graphic Design for Cohabitat Foundation Study Materials
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Anna Machwic
FSC‑certified paper, an open‑license typeface, two‑color print (at most), a format that generates the least waste paper – here we have an environmental book for a non‑profit organization. One, two, ten, twenty. More or less competently laid out and illustrated. What sets the Self‑Sufficient Series apart is the subject, which some might find somewhat radical and hermetic. Is there an alternative to the system in which we live, in education and construction? How to create a lasting and sustainable culture? For the over 77,000 Facebook friends of the Cohabitat Foundation, to which the designer is linked, this is an important issue. Her response has come in the form of a limited series of books with minimalist layouts. The spare design is accompanied by original illustrations. The designer skillfully links seemingly incompatible isometric projections of solids with a light pencil drawing. The resulting infographic is something between an old engraving and a fairy‑tale illustration. A nice surprise in a place where we might have expected a vector graphic.