Katarzyna Hryniewiecka (PL)
My Work Station
M.A. project
University of Arts in Poznań
Jacek Mikołajczak
The designer’s premises have been achieved – this desk, or rather, a simplified contemporary version thereof, is more than a work station. It is no disadvantage that this object is difficult to put a clear name on – we are dealing with an object that can be used as one pleases, and time spent in the “home workshop” will not be the same as contact with a “labor device,” but with a personal, practically intimate space. The designer’s minimal resources suffice to create the desired effect: she uses two surfaces – a work area and a shelf – slanted legs resulting from the furniture construction, and a bent frame, symbolically closing off the private space and enhancing the work and arrangement capabilities. We are tempted to use an old‑fashioned and neglected word – she has designed a beautiful object. One small thing, or perhaps two, make us pause for thought: the notches for the cables, which appear to damage the solid ash‑wood surface, and the screws fastening the tabletop. Is the tabletop attached securely enough to the frame to survive many moves from one house – or room – to another? Covering and providing access to the screws would be a good step toward developing a proper fastening system.