Krisztina Berta (HU)
A New Deal for the Deck of Cards
M.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
Kassai Ferenc
Cards is among those games that has survived the shift to the digital era. The deck of cards appears in countless versions, created in various times and traditions. The backs borrow from a vast array of subjects, aesthetics, and marketing aims. Krisztina Berta’s BA project focuses less on the appearance than the visual language of cards, the four suits (clubs, spades, diamonds, hearts) in various versions, the three face cards, and the spots. The designer has built an abstract visual system based on simple premises: symmetry is the point of departure, and the outlines function as both additions and reductions. All this gives the deck a simple, sleek, and modern look, while maintaining the traditional elements and legibility. Packed in a slick black box, the deck is a fine example of a functional and aesthetic idea for a popular product.