Mária Bujňáková (SK)
Seven – Collection of Household Products
M.A. project
Technical University of Košice
Tibor Uhrín
Pride, greed, lust, wrath, gluttony, sloth, and envy have been with people for centuries… and have creatively inspired them. These seven objects with simple functions, built on legible symbols, have been devised to merge critical art and design. The mirror (pride) is the most successful object in the set in terms of the clarity of its message – it is visually attractive, yet there is something that makes us ill at ease. The table is much the same – it disciplines our eating, digs at our conscience, instead of encouraging consumption. The conscious use of “valchromat” makes these objects artistic interpretations of household items. But will the designer’s inspiration be significant to the user? Will the message come across? If it does not, the user will lose a great deal (the poetry of the work), though the object will be no less attractive. The designs have a spare and contemporary form, executed with care for detail and respect for their users; they encourage reflection without occupying the whole of a living space.