Mátyás Grünczeisz (HU)
Visual Identity and posters for the PIM Museum of Literature
B.A. project
Budapest Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences
Tepes Ferenc
PIM, or the Museum of Literature named after 19th‑century poet Sándor Petőfi, is in the heart of Budapest, in the neoclassical Károly Palace. This place attracts lovers of literature, art, and philosophy, being open both to tradition and to contemporary art. Mátyás Grünczeisz’s BA project is a visual system that pays tribute to typographic tradition, while stressing the modernity of the museum. This is a PIM logo – with an interesting rendering of the letter “M” – and posters based on the letters. Their typography is playful, while the contemporary and innovative appearance entices visitors to take a fresh look at literature, which is a living and ever‑changing facet of culture. The stationery is more traditional, however. The placement of the heading, the address lines, and the block for writing, the proportions of the margins, and the print on the calling‑card flip sides are chosen to correspond to a place with a cultural legacy.