Ola Korbańska (PL)
C'est la vie
B.A. project
School of Form in Poznań
Paweł Grobelny
Diploma projects rarely deal with relationships between the user and objects, their different significances, and their interpretations. This is a vast issue, and credit goes to students who tackle it. The roles objects play in our lives, the relationships people have with objects and their function, and the designer’s varying intentions for them are all part of this subject. Ola Korbańska questions our relationship with things and problematizes their general applications. According to Jean Baudrillard, whom she cites, users give meanings to things. Objects thus have different meanings and play different roles in our lives. When divorced from its function, the object is related to the subject; and the subject builds a system. The designer has created a collection of open‑ended objects with no function. The items are abstract and pertain to each other only in their links to the subject. Thus, the user and the idea are clearly legible in these works, fulfilling the designer’s aim.