Olívia Mešková (SK)
Fungi Air Purifier
B.A. project
Technical University of Košice
Peter Wohlfahrt
This appliance purifies the air and helps to eliminate the effects of malfunctioning air conditioning systems. It is made of the main part, the purifier, which is also the charging and docking base for smaller portable appliances in the form of little mushrooms. This product could be a sales hit. Being compact, it can be placed on a desktop, table, or shelf, and is not much bigger than a basketball. Moreover, its style reflects tendencies that have long been popular. Importantly, the design uses new SPI S‑Plasma Ion non‑filter technology developed by Samsung. It is remarkably effective, and eliminates numerous pathogens in the air, such as bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and mold. The appliance is also equipped with an air‑pollution detector with a light‑up monitor that alerts the user when he/she should activate the purifier. Fungi combines modern technology and a neutral form.