Wojciech Biegus (PL)
Koziel Downhill Mountain Scooter
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Andrzej Klisz
Hard to believe, but the scooter, as a product, has been with us for over one hundred years. This construction – an alternative to the solutions presently available on the market – uses bent beech plywood as a natural shock absorber to dampen the vibrations while riding, as on a skateboard. The scooter can be used for recreation, or, as the designer assures us, when modified (using carbon fiber), it will work for downhill sports. Koziel is meant to increase our physical activity, and to popularize the tourist potential of the Silesian Beskids. More and more funding is being invested in this area to build a modern infrastructure facilitating the development of extreme sports. This scooter was created with a great deal of support from Paged technologists in Jasienica. The designer states that work is now underway to commercialize it and introduce the first model to mass production. We are crossing our fingers, and hope that we shall see the scooter on mountain paths. It is great fun.