Żaneta Strawiak (PL)
Rational Use of Electric Power – A Zine Publication
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice
Anna Machwic
Right from her introduction, this designer managed to put off half of the jury: “This brochure makes no use of the fashionable term ‘the environment,’ so as to avoid dissuading the reader.” Perhaps it was hard for us to reconcile ourselves to the notion that this word still has the power to dissuade people in the 21st century. It is also possible that we were not the zine’s target audience. This publication is aimed at people ages twenty to thirty, who, according to reports quoted by the designer, are most wasteful of energy. In this forty‑page booklet the reader finds out how to avoid being taken in by appliances that fool the unwary. This approach to the subject could very well be successful in our conspiracy‑loving society. The designer has a good hand at drawing, and the amusing texts (written by Jacek and Katarzyna Wasilewski, based on calculations and information on the proper use of appliances, sketches, illustrations, and inspiration supplied by the designer) provide specific numerical data – how much we save by only slightly changing our habits. Sorry, we don’t save, we win: “If you want, you can bet blindfolded and be sure of winning. Over 300 zloty every year!”