Jan Pfeifer (PL)
Urban instrument
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
prof. Jerzy Porębski
The project resulted from the designer’s observation of children in Bródnowski Park in Warsaw – passing the bridge, they hit fencing posts with sticks, which produces random sounds. The designed object is a kind of railing made of flat pipes which create an octave together and can be used to play a melody. The various levels of flatness of each rod signal the length of the tone and thus, turn the device into a music instrument. The railing, made of stainless steel, consists of several modules which can be joined. To make the music a bit quieter, and the sounds clearer, the pipes are linked by means of simple electronics. To play the instrument, you just need to touch the bars. The instrument makes public space more interesting and enables both kids and seniors to make music together, which can become their common language of communication.