Kincső Nagy (HU)
Silent Book
M.A. project
University of West Hungary in Sopron
Czakó Zsolt
The sequence of images presented in the book refers to the short story by the German writer Heinrich Böll Murke’s Collected Silences. The main protagonist is a broadcasting house worker who collects tapes containing silence. He even starts recording the silence of his girlfriend. Can Silent Book be classified into any category? Can it be called an artistic book? Or is it just a photo album? Where does the designer’s contribution start, and where does it end? The books if full of silence. The collages filling the pages, free of any form of text, are seemingly boring. Manipulation through images evokes a new, sometimes irritating, sense of suspense and tension. What is the role of the designer in the book? She is supposed to change the view on reality, by means of proper composition and narration, creating a unique world referring to Böll’s work.