Lucia Mlynčeková (SK)
Ján H. Blicha (exhibition design)
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Marcel Benčík
Exhibitions are an important part of applied graphics. On the one hand, they follow trends, on the other, they require humbleness and insight from the designer. For this graduate, the project of the exhibition of the architect Ján H. Blicha’s works has a double meaning – firstly, he was an important figure in Czechoslovak architecture of the 1960s; secondly, he was her grandfather. The idea of the exhibition is simple: long white sheets of paper are hung on strings; they look like fresh laundry. When you come closer, you see that the prints are placed on tubes which are not only the basis of the construction but they can also be used for moving the exhibition to another gallery. This creative, neat, and cheap installation is ideally suited to the 1960s’ concept of functionalism. The exhibition combines the atmosphere of the past with the modern touch.