Pavel Coufalík (CZ)
Orientation systems in Czechoslovak socialist architecture
M.A. project
Orientation systems in Czechoslovak socialist architecture
Petr Krejzek
Although the level of applied graphics in the Communist Czechoslovakia of 1970s and 1980s was quite low, some orientation systems were really worth attention. They were usually created for the architectural projects which were crucial for the regime – railway stations, hospitals, and cultural institutions. However, only few of them remain today. The author of this work decided to choose, classify, and document the best identification systems of the bygone era. He managed to find their authors, collect original photos, and present the markings and signs in the context of architecture and the political situation of those times. This Master thesis has been the first attempt of a serious analysis of Czechoslovak orientation systems from that period, and thus, it has contributed significantly to the historiography of local graphic design.