Rafał Buchner (PL)
The Ego and Its Own by Max Stirner – book design
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Prof. Maciej Buszewicz
The author of the project set himself a double task – firstly, he designed a book “from cover to cover”. Not only at the macroscale (layout, paper, binding) but also at the microscale: creating the special Fruscio font for the book. Secondly, the designer offered his own interpretation of the book. By means of infographics and illustrations, he entered into a discussion with the ideas presented by the author of the books; this way, he wanted the readers to take an interest in philosophical questions. Rafał Buchner says, “The size, cover, and binding of the book make it difficult to read in a hurry (e.g. on a bus). They force the reader to open it in a comfortable position. This is my form of commentary on the very history of anarchist thought, which should encourage the reader to become involved in long – but not very risky – intellectual disputes, at home or in a peaceful café”.