Aleksandra Rutkowska (PL)
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Andrzej Śmiałek
The project was created in 2017, which was the Vistula River Year, and it fits in the programme of the development of inshore tourist sailing on the river. The author of the project was aware of the difficulties in finding a boat that would meet the requirements of the Vistula within the wide range of vessels for inland sailing. While working on the new boat, she analysed the river’s scenic value and history and verified her assumptions during a rafting trip from Kraków to Toruń, 660 kilometres long. The attractive and functional design of the flat-bottom laminate catamaran was adapted to the length of the raft. The boat offers space for the crew’s equipment too. Depending on navigation conditions, the boat may be controlled electrically by means of water jet propellers, oars, or square sails. The roof made from flexible solar panels is a protection against bad weather. For longer rafting trips the boat may be additionally equipped with a camboose and a tent, while wheels make it possible to draw it to the shore. The boat was designed to meet the expectations of new explorers of the Vistula River.