Aliz Török (HU)
Yqu Game
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
Pais Anna
This board game examines the self-knowledge of its players. The author based it on the Q-sort methodology, which is a psychometric technique sorting statements according to their relevance to some criteria on a several-point continuum. The aim of the game is to enhance self-reflection in players and to understand the real information we receive from other players. They give each other’s opinions about various situations, features, or behaviours, and they are able to build their own system based on associations and using simple totems (which form part of the game). One player tells a story of a character chosen by him or her, and the other players try to reflect it and decide whether a given characteristic fits the storyteller. One round is over when all players have had their go of talking about a character and the other ones reflected it. A distinctive feature of this project is the use of traditional materials in a new form: the result is of a very haptic nature.