Andrej Barčák (SK)
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Pavol Bálik
Redesign refers to the act of transferring some functional features of an original product and adapting them to new conditions. However, this word is often used in a confusing way. Terms such as facelift, rebrand, refresh, restart, tuning, renewal, update, revision, reduction, or reform describe certain techniques, but their definitions are unclear. The author of the project decided to make them clearer and proposed seven basic ways of thinking about redesigning. These are Refresh, Revision, Restart, Retouch, Revival, Receive, and Hack. He collected key information for each category, found similarities between them, and established definite rules. In his work, he concentrated on methods of redesigning and the processes used in the change cycle. Moreover, the publication includes interviews with designers and a detailed history of designing a logotype. The theoretical part is reflected in the final work, in which the redefined redesign was employed.