Enikő Barbarics (HU)
Download Design Kid
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
Juhász István
Going to school for the first time is a great change in the lives of kids and their parents. They are going to spend years doing homework or other creative projects together. This usually happens in a sitting position. The design of this desk is an alternative to all static solutions and enables the child to work in a standing position. This ergonomic piece of furniture can be adjusted to the age of the kid, as its height can be regulated thanks to its construction. The oblique position of the desktop allows for a variety of postures. It has drawers and wheels and so you can easily drag it anywhere you want. Thanks to its form, the child can treat the desk as a toy. The project is a part of Download Design: the idea behind it is to provide an opportunity to use free furniture drawings and designs which can be accessed and downloaded at their website. Download Design responds to the needs of children aged six to twelve.