Ewa Dulcet Martyna Świerczyńska (PL)
MIKO. Biżuteria fizjoterapeutyczna
B.A. project
School of Form
Paweł Grobelny
MIKO+ is a set of seven jewellery pieces which, apart from being beautiful, have an additional physiotherapeutic function. This way, the collection transfers the objects from the medical to the lifestyle domain. MIKO+ family was designed in cooperation with an expert physiotherapist. The objects’ medical role is to protect the wrist – the most vulnerable human joint which is often strained during computer work. The jewellery responds to the problems of the most common wrist injuries as well as prevents them. Instead of wearing an orthosis, which many people are ashamed to do, these objects can be used to massage the strained hand muscles or change the position of the wrist, forcing the muscles to work in turns. One of the elements immobilises this part of the body, which is necessary when the patient is recovering after an injury. The jewellery pieces were made of gilded pink brass and mineral acrylic composite.