Gabriella Veszprémi (HU)
Sustainable Footwear
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
Bráda Judit
The project brings the designer closer to the world of fashion, blurring the borders between art and new wise craft. The basic assumption was the need for using perfect-quality residual leather. Retaining the technologies and materials used in traditional shoe manufacturing, the author of the project experimented with new construction methods. The shoe collection demonstrates the possibilities and directions of this new shaping process in the spirit of sustainable development. Each shoe in the collection is made by using a different base method to demonstrate the great variety of techniques. The designer also worked on the creation of suitable materials: she made use of various ones, testing their durability and usefulness as components of particular parts of shoes. She wanted to develop an original style and technique of shoemaking which could be implemented by using machines in footwear factories.