Kristóf Láng (HU)
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
Prof. Vargha Balázs
Babel is a series of 3D-printed objects and an experimental typeface. It is based on the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, which have remained practically unchanged for 2000 years. They are visually represented by the nine main objects. A set of glyphs modelled on that extended the typeface by 178 additional symbols, which present the changing perspectives of the spatial object. This way, alternative characters were created. The goal of the project is to demonstrate the need for using graphic signs and to emphasise the relativity of modern letterforms. The very name of the project – Babel – refers to the process of visual dismantling and reconstruction, the spontaneous formation of visual signals that remain uninterpretable without lingual embedding, and the architectural look of the letter-constructions which are like building blocks of communication. The typeface and 3D models are available for free personal and commercial use.