Magdalena Karcz (PL)
Polska Typografia Awangardowa. Projekt publikacji wraz z zestawem popularyzatorskim.
M.A. project
cademy of Fine Arts in Łódź
Sławomir Kosmynka
The book was inspired by the 100th anniversary of the Polish Avant-Garde movement. The author’s goal was to promote and recall the legacy of Polish typography and print design. She made use of techniques and tools used by artists 100 years ago, e.g. photomontages or the digitalised version of the old Paneuropa typeface. Some elements, including chapter pages, the book cover, and a set of postcards, were composed by manual typesetting. The author reduced the use of colours to black and magenta, the latter being “the new red”, the signal colour of the present times. She wanted to highlight such aspects of presented works as typography, composition, and layout. To demonstrate the avant-garde and progressive attitude in the context of modernity, she digitalised 100 typographic elements (letters and digits) from selected works, which can be accessed and downloaded at www.100typo.pl. As part of her project, the author also designed a set of educational cards forming a memory game.

Photo: Aleksander Drożdżewski