Małgorzata Załuska (PL)
Simpla. Customised external breast prosthesis generated using 3D scanning and printing
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Daniel Zieliński
Simpla is a tool for women who have undergone a single mastectomy. The device helps create external breast prostheses. The creation starts at home: the user takes photos of her chest – no advanced cameras are necessary. There is an illustrated manual guiding the user throughout the process. When the photos are uploaded to the special app, a 3D scan of the user’s body is generated. This is a base for the prosthesis model, a mirror reflection of the healthy breast. Then the user defines the properties of the prosthesis: its type, structure, and colour. Finally, she receives a parcel with the ready product from a 3D print shop. In the project, the prosthesis imitates human body not through its looks but by its physical behaviour. The project is in the conceptual phase.