Marek Głogowski (PL)
Using funghi composite in design
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw
Robert Pludra
The project presents the possibilities of cooperation between human beings and nature and it is a part of the global trend of searching for new materials. It develops a new method of producing functional objects – the key stage of the process is “growing” the object. The project is based on the use of a dynamic natural resource – fungus – and implementing the idea of biomanufacturing. The mycelium creates a dense structure of tiny roots with strong adhesive properties, which makes it a great binder in composites based on agricultural and industrial waste. This type of material can be used to produce furniture, electric appliances, lighting, or packaging. When its form is adjusted to a given technology, it grows and creates a functional object. Negotiations with a company interested in processing biological refuse into functional containers are in progress. It is quite probable that the first bio-factory in Poland might open in the nearest future.