Marta Michalska (PL)
Our daily bread. Concept design of visual identity and packages for a flour mill
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków
Barbara Widłak
This is a concept design of visual identity for the 700-year-old flour mill in Przesławice. The logotype refers to the motif of griffin, present in the coat of arms of Jaxa Gryfita, a medieval magnate who initiated the development of milling industry in the region of Miechów in Poland. Due to economic reasons, an easily modifiable system of packaging was developed. The flour is packed in paper bags (Doypack type) with additional labels. The information on the packets is presented in easy-to-read charts; every type of flour has its own colour code. A system of pictograms was created as well, identifying the type of flour according to the grain used. The whole image has a very natural character, which corresponds to the idea of the brand. The author designed promotional materials too – leaflets, catalogues, and recipes, all in a consistent chart form and coherent colours. The combination of the serif typeface with the logotype based on circular shapes makes the design modern and unusual.