Nelli Szabó (HU)
M.A. project
Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest
András Mohácsi
The project studies the relationship between people and objects, seeking new applications for the latter. The user is able to discover the thing’s properties by means of its shape. In cultural anthropology, the trickster is a creature transgressing norms. In mythology, the trickster breaks the rules, making sure the cycle of creating and destroying is never stopped. The trickster is a rogue, a fraud, a liar, and still is perceived as a positive character in the story. The concept can also refer to border cases, being between two species, functioning as hybrids. The collection consists of six basic shapes: three porcelain and three glass containers in various colours. It is built around the symbolic character of the trickster and border areas. The materials used, such as leather and bristle, conjure up associations with animals and other creatures. Their personality can be perceived in their movement too. If you remove their brush “legs”, they can rotate around their own axis without falling over.