Veronika Šilhavá (CZ)
Tabula rasa
M.A. project
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen
Gabriel Vach
This is a modern and yet timeless collection of kitchenware objects that can function as carriers of memories. When you use an object, you leave an invisible trace of your life on it. This project is meant to store messages from the past. The collections consists of five elements of various sizes. Each cup has several layers which wear away in use. However, the user cannot see clearly what next layers hidden inside look like. Usually, wearing off of cups and plates is treated as a damage to a thing, but in this case the process is an asset. The first layer is grey – a symbol of boredom. Then, with time, other layers of various colours are going to appear. The final layer is golden, as a sign of something valuable and rare. The same happens to deep-hidden memories and fragments of one’s life. The project can be also transformed into a collection of particular stories about porcelain objects. The work is very marketable.