Zuzana Uhalová (SK)
An experimental documentary on the methods of curing chronic diseases
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Pavol Bálik
In this example, designing is a form of therapy. The author concentrates on searching for alternative methods of treatment of chronic diseases, in which traditional medicine fails to help. Since she suffers from a chronic condition herself, she decided to run an experiment: she visited numerous therapists, tried several diets, used healing talismans. Her project is an authentic documentary employing experimental elements of book design. The graphic solutions used by her force the reader to handle the book in a strictly defined manner, which is a source of limitations and at the same time simulates the feelings of people with chronic diseases. Both the content of the book and the book itself are a metaphor of the subject chosen by the author. The Voajér font created by the author was also used in the project; its main characteristic feature is the incoherent contrast.