Weronika Racz (PL)
Type Class
B.A. project
Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology in Warsaw
Agnieszka Ziemiszewska
This is an educational typography game whose primary goal is to present the classification of typefaces. Through teaching the history of typefaces, the game helps understand modern typography. It also draws attention to another important aspect of designers’ work, that is the ordering of information and creating cohesive logical systems. The work was inspired by two books by Tony Seddon: The Evolution of Type and Let’s Talk Type. The model of Scrabble was employed in the project, as it is a commonly known game. Type Class provides each player with a chance to discover typography secrets. It is a complex project consisting of various elements: a box, a card bag, 100 cards, notebooks, a manual (necessary to learn more about typefaces and their rules), postcards, and stands.