Bruno Szenk (PL)
Tangu – a multifunctional tool for therapists working with autistic children
B.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław
Doktor Krzysztof Kubasek
The sense of feeling is one of the essential cognitive tools people use in the first days of their lives. The goal of this project is to support the development of children with specific deficiencies. It has been designed in cooperation with experts specialising in autism diagnostics and therapy. The result of the works is a set of eight objects, similar in form, each constituting a combination of three variables (hardness, weight, texture) with two-level gradation (less/more). They can be used by therapists for organising activities for children in various ways: examining, naming, comparing, grouping. By experiencing the differences between the seemingly identical components of the kit, the children can shape their cognitive, sensory, and coordination competencies, whereas the manner in which they perform the tasks provides data on the present stage of their development.