Dominika Hapka (PL)
Local material – amber. Jewelry design
B.A. project
Pedagogical University in Krakow
doktor Dagmara Latała
Amber objects, especially jewellery items, are a popular souvenir among foreigners visiting Poland. However, Poles often underestimate this material, as they find it outdated and old-fashioned. In her project, the designer presents the properties of amber, such as particular stages of its processing and its smell, which may raise the awareness of the users. The project consisted in learning the ways of processing amber at the seaside, numerous interviews, and general extension of the author’s knowledge. In result, the designer created a concept of a product: a collection of amber bracelets with a novel shape and look. The jewellery was created in a seaside workshop; what is more, the project also includes product branding. All in all, the whole design process followed the principle of “Think globally, act locally”.