Paulina Kozicka (PL)
LITERARIUM – a game facilitating learning to read
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk
profesor Sławomir Witkowski
The goal of this project is to teach the rudiments of reading. It consists of three illustrated double-sided boards printed on wood, four sets of tiles with printed letters or syllables, a dice, and four tokens in the shape of letters. By moving these on the board, the players find illustrations of various creatures or tasks related to them, usually telling you to look for letters and join them in syllables or short words. The game includes also wooden tiles which are placed in the holes on the board, creating a path for the tokens. The learner’s task is to read as many tiles as possible, at different difficulty levels. The game has been designed to meet the needs of the user. It offers the possibility of working both with an individual student and a group.