Tomáš Chludil (CZ)
M.A. project
Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague
doc. M.A. Ivan Dlabač
The number of people living in cities is growing along with the number of cars used – in order to reduce the latter, a well-functioning public transport system is necessary. Self-driving vehicles and other new technologies are a hope for effective solutions in the nearest future. This graduation project takes advantage of the fact that Prague has a well-developed network of tracks, which provides a possibility of creating a flexible and dynamic fleet of small autonomous tramways. The vehicles are wireless, powered by batteries which can be recharged at stops. The driverless interior leaves more space for passengers. A special front light increases the visibility of the tram and supports visual communication with the pedestrians: with their safety in mind, the tram is equipped with an external air bag. The project has been developed in cooperation with the Škoda Transportation company.