Zofia Dziurawiec (PL)
Design of a copyrights coursebook
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow
dr hab. Władysław Targosz
This project is aimed at designers and students of art universities; its goal is to facilitate their access to reliable information and help them find particular subjects related to the copyright law that interest them. It is based on the text of the publication entitled “A short course on intellectual property” created by a group of lawyers and available under an open licence. The author of the project suggested extending the material by illustrations and graphs explaining the construction of the copyright act, creative commons, contracts, and the notion of plagiarism. References to specific regulations were added as well. The author uses three colours in her publication: white, black, and yellow. Yellow is used for highlighting the most important pieces of information in the text. The textbook is available under an open licence.