Ewa Piechocka (PL)
M.A. project
University of Arts in Poznań
dr hab. Wojciech Janicki
This is a project of a fashion brand offering hand-sewn coats with personalised prints made for a particular person on the basis of his or her beliefs and interests. The name of the brand has been inspired by Carl G. Jung’s analytical psychology and his theory of multiple personalities. The outer layer of the coat symbolises the persona – what the person shows to the world, the social mask. The lining inside the coat reflects the ego, the self-knowledge. The last element is the psyche, comprising the whole of the psychological processes, both conscious and unconscious. The “element” which holds the layers together is the wearer. The project is fully handmade: from the first sketches, to the linocut pattern, to the manual press used for printing. The fabrics come from Polish manufacturers and the coats are sewn by an experienced dressmaker.