Lucia Gamanová (SK)
Jewellery as something
M.A. project
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
doc. Mgr. art. Marcel Benčík
This jewellery collection has been created out of fragments of unwanted objects made of plastic and other materials. The author has collected and processed them, thus changing their status: transforming the unidentified waste into works of applied art. Each of the recovered objects has been redefined by means of 3D print and entered the collection in this form. The designer wants to emphasise the importance of waste recycling which increases its value, as we live in the world of short service life of products. The jewellery line consists mainly of brooches, whose function is not explicit: at first glance, it is not easy to say what they actually are. Furthermore, the project alludes to the phenomenon of people’s memories and imagination.