Agnieszka Wójcik (PL)
Walky – seat for children with skeletal dysplasia
M.A. project
The Pedagogical University in Kraków
doktor Dagmara Latała
Walky is a seat for children with achondroplasia – a genetic disorder which inhibits the growth of bones and causes body curvatures. It is a functional and ergonomic chair with a physiotherapy wedge. The product does not advance the disease, nor does it stigmatise the problem. The designer has been inspired by the shape of a saddle, which makes the body straighten up and has a positive impact on body posture, strengthening the dorsal, abdominal, pelvic, gluteal, and trunk muscles. The seat can be used in everyday physical therapy sessions to prevent the development of the disease. It can be also used by children to watch cartoons in a safe position. It is made entirely of polyurethane foam.