Jan Kulhánek (CZ)
Vokoun – Ferry boat for Prague
M.A. project
Czech Technical University in Prague
MgA. Jan Jaroš
Vokoun is a ferry boat designed for Prague to make the communication between the two banks of the Vltava river easier, especially in places which are far away from bridges or other transportation forms. The designer’s goal was to ensure water crossing for small numbers of people in areas with low traffic that need new connections. The new ferry network could become a part of the Prague Integrated Transport system. The design of the boat alludes visually to other public transport vehicles from Prague, especially the tramways. The boat is 9 metres long, the draught does not exceed 50 centimetres, and it has a built-in motor with an output of 22 kW. Vokoun is safe, comfortable, and easy to maintain.