Katarína Kyselicová (SK)
Cooperation talks
M.A. project
Thomas Bata University in Zlín
MgA. Dušan Wolf
In the 1990s, designers and artists focused on cooperation. Many of them decided to work in teams and use participatory methods. The author of this project is interested in their art of cooperation and in the forms it took within the circles of Czech and Slovak creators. The publication features interview with twenty selected graphic designers, photographers, art curators, lecturers, and publishers. They represent various generations and points of view but what they have in common is the experience of cooperation in a number of art and design configurations. In the book, the author asks them about their inspirations, book “production”, artistic visions and processes, and – above all – the sense of community in their actions. The book is addressed to young designers as well as students of design and photography.