Kornelia Konieczka (PL)
Berlin Insider – Unconventional Berlin guide
M.A. project
University of the Arts in Poznań
prof. dr hab. Krzysztof Molenda
The Unconventional Berlin Guide is the author’s interpretation of the austerity of the urban space as well as the creative identity and atypical beauty of the capital of Germany. The author is emotionally attached to the city and highlights its great potential. Berlin Insider uses the content created by two bloggers: Justyna Burzynski (berlinsko.com) and Katy Peichert (berlinering.com). The guidebook is very subjective, marked with the perspective of its creators and their selective, creative, mythicising knowledge. The designer looks at Berlin from an individual point of view but tries to present a certain community of imagination and thus absorbs the reader into the emotional way of experiencing the city and its stories. To achieve this goal, she uses clear, neutral forms with a number of visual hints and suggestions.